5 Simple (FREE) Steps To A Healthy Lifestyle

5 Simple (FREE) Steps To A Healthy Lifestyle
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5 Simple Steps To Start Living A Healthy Lifestyle

by Jane Hash

It is an unfortunate and common misconception that living a healthy lifestyle is too expensive or too hard for the average person, let alone wheelchair users. You can make it expensive and hard but it really isn’t necessary.  The key to successfully getting rid of old unhealthy habits and adopting a new healthy lifestyle is to set small, realistic goals for yourself.   Once you have reached those goals, push yourself a little further.  You just might amaze yourself by doing what you perceived impossible!  Bellow is a list of simple suggestions to get you started. 


Deep Breathing | Healthy Lifestyle Tip #1

Image credit: breathe by Mae Chevrette ~ Flickr Creative Commons

Health Lifestyle Tip #1 Deep Breathing Exercises

This is one of the easiest, inexpensive (it’s free), and most wonderful things you can do for yourself for multiple reasons.  First, it’s a great way to manage stress!  Plus, you can do it anywhere.  For example, if your family holiday is getting a little intense, just excuse yourself to the bathroom (to guarantee uninterrupted privacy) and engage in a few moments of deep breathing.  You’ll be back to liking your family again in an instant!  Also, Deep Breathing Exercises are exceptionally beneficial for those of us with limited mobility or lung related issues because they help keep our trunk muscles strong, improve overall breathing, and facilitates the release of toxins.



Health Lifestyle Tip #1 – Move Your Body

The human body is primarily made of fluids including, water, blood, mucus, and lymph.  Pretty glamorous sounding, isn’t it?  It’s important to keep these fluids moving and circulating throughout our bodies to keep us healthy.  For those of us with impaired mobility, we may need to seek assistance.  If you don’t qualify or can’t afford physical therapy, do some research and find out what your community has to offer.  I know that some Massage Therapy schools require students to provide a number of free massages to members of the community.  This could be an excellent scenario for you to get your fluids moving, as well as to teach a new Massage Therapist how to work on a client who has a mobility impairment.


Pure Water

Health Lifestyle Tip #3 – Drink Pure Water

Since there are so many trendy varieties of water available at most grocery stores, it can be overwhelming deciding which one to choose.  The natural health pioneers, like Dr. Christopher and Paul Bragg, claim that pure distilled water is the optimal choice because it doesn’t have any rock based minerals in it, which can contribute to kidney stones and joint pain.  Although, if you like the taste of mineral water, find a fresh clean source of spring water that has been tested and proven to contain only plant based minerals.  Our bodies are designed to digest plants, not rocks!  To figure out exactly how much water you should drink daily, I suggest reading, “Water the Shocking Truth” written by Paul and Patricia Bragg




Health Lifestyle Tip # 4 Masticate, Assimilate, Eliminate!

Sometimes we are in such a hurry that we don’t take the time to properly chew our food.  Instead, we gulp it down only partially masticated.  This contributes to abdominal gas and other digestive disorders.  Digestion begins in the mouth with the secretion of saliva.  This is why it is important to not only chew our solid foods until they become as liquid as possible but to also swish our beverages with our saliva before swallowing.   This practice allows all food particles to be broken down into tiny particles, which our body can easily assimilate or digest.  A sign of proper mastication and effective assimilation is a healthy elimination!  Dr. Christopher has stated that a person should have one bowel movement per meal eaten throughout the day.


fresh vegetables

Health Lifestyle Tip #5 – Eat Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

One of the best things about eating fresh fruits and vegetables is that you don’t have to cook them!  Simply wash, eat, and enjoy the numerous health benefits they have to offer.  Chopping, slicing, and assembling a salad with a multitude of fresh ingredients can be time consuming but a lot of things can be prepared in advance.  Spend a couple hours on Sundays chopping peppers, slicing onions, and shredding carrots for the week ahead.  Adding an avocado, sesame seeds, pine nuts, or hard-boiled eggs to your daily salad bowl will add extra nutrition and excitement!  Don’t forget to add lots of leafy greens!  Olive oil, grapeseed oil, apple cider vinegar, or and/or lemon juice are excellent salad dressing alternatives.  To find the best and most wholesome produce, again, do some research and find out what your community has to offer.  Farmer’s Markets and other community-based food-cooperatives are becoming quite trendy.

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About the author:
Jane Hash - BloggerJane Hash is a Certified Natural Health Professional, Herbalist, Podcaster, and Blogger for The Mobility Resource (check out her personal Health & Wellness blog here).  Her work is primarily focused on promoting alternative health education, personal responsibility, and social consciousness.  Born with a connective tissue disorder known as, Osteogenesis Imperfecta, Jane has successfully managed her condition using only holistic modalities and is not dependent on any pharmaceutical medications. 


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